Experience the remarkable benefits of our Skin Brightening Soap 65g, a unique formulation crafted with potent whitening agents and enriched with nourishing extracts. Infused with the essence of exotic fruits and blended with coconut oil, this soap is designed to unveil radiant skin. Our innovative formula, inspired by ancient alchemical practices, combines the essence of celestial plants with the power of nature to reveal a luminous complexion. - 5 Pack - 10 Luxurious Bars 65g each - Suitable for both facial and body use - Enriched with hydrating coconut oil for enhanced absorption - Diminishes the appearance of blemishes, age spots, and sun damage - Fades red marks and scars, revealing smoother skin - Regular use promotes a brighter, more even skin tone - Free from harmful substances, undergoes rigorous purity testing for your peace of mind.